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"I have been using chiropractic care for over 20 years, and Dr. McBride is by far the best chiropractor.  Especially if you are looking for a doctor who cares more about making you feel better and healthier than making money.  Many chiropractors try to fit as many patients as possible into each day, without spending time to actually do what is necessary for a succesful adjustment.  As a 55 year old athlete, I wouldn't be able to perform as well as I do without Dr. McBride's expertise."
"With a misdiagnosis and no relief, I came to McBride Chiropractic and received instant relief and long lasting results for a displaced hip.  Also, I received complete and positive results from manipulation of my thumbs and did not have to have surgery for stiffness, pain and locking of my thumbs.  I would recommend McBride Chiropractic to anyone with 5 stars!" 
- Sande S. of Williamstown, NJ
- Diane F. of Pemberton, NJ
"​Dr. McBride is awesome!  His knowledge and skills have relieved the pain I had for 15 years.  I always feel like a new person after he finishes a treatment."
"I have been a patient of Dr. McBride for over 15 years.  I have been able over come many problems with his help and advice.  I have sent many of my friends to him and they agree with me that he is the best chiropractor you will ever find."
- David G. of Cinnaminson, NJ
- Irene F. of Cherry Hill, NJ
"Dr. McBride does not only provide spinal manipulations and chiropractic care, his total health approach provides full spectrum homeopathic rehabilitation and care.  When we first visited Dr. McBride in 2007, my wife and I both were suffering from acute back pain.  Dr. McBride has not only treated our symptoms, but has taught us to manage our bodies and live a more healthy lifestyle.  While we still visit Dr McBride on a periodic basis for spinal manipulation, his full spectrum approach to chiropractic care has given us the tools to manage our conditions and has afforded us a higher quality of physical health and fitness.  Thanks to the care of Dr. McBride, we feel healthier in body, mind and spirit."
"I tried medical doctors and physical therapy along with a slew of orthopedic approaches.  But 1 year later my injured knee was still the same.  In one visit Dr. McBride evaluated the problem and reset my knee.  My knee felt the way it used to before I was injured and allowed stretches and strengthing to start having a positive effect."
-  George K. of Sewell, NJ
- Michael & Lauren K. of Marlton, NJ