Welcome to McBride Chiropractic, L.L.C.  We are here for one reason ...to serve you.  Your physical needs are our chief priority. Often patient’s most immediate need is to get out of pain.  With our more than 20 years of chiropractic practice, we are your healthcare expert, specializing in the treatment and relief of :

     Back pain
     Neck pain
     TMJ pain
     Shoulder pain
     Hand pain
     Elbow pain
     Hip pain
     Knee pain
     Foot pain

First and foremost, our objective is to get you back on track quickly. Your physical well being is our sole focus, pain free and optimized physical function. To meet that goal, Dr. McBride allows a generous amount of time for each patient’s office visit.  Dr. McBride’s approach is thorough and comprehensive, addressing muscular skeletal issues literally from head to toe and everything in-between.

Your chiropractic care is customized specific to your individual needs. 

Treatment therapies include:

      A wide variety of chiropractic adjustment techniques
       (Diversified to light non-force )
      Therapeutic massage
       Hot Packs
       Physical therapy modalities, electrical muscle stim.
       Applied Kinesiology
       Therapeutic exercise (strength, balance & stability)
       Nutrition (specific for you)

At McBride Chiropractic, we address the muscular as well as the articular components of your care.

If you have any questions about our recommendations, or your personalized treatment plan, just ask.  We want to make this the best possible experience for you.  We want you to get the most out of your treatments.